Kairali Queen chugs off with Kerala jackfruit takes an express route to Delhi

After bitumen, it is jackfruit now

Jackfruit all set to create sweet revolution

Jackfruit all set to create sweet revolution

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Training of Trainers program for promotion of 

Jackfruit and

Value Added products– 3rd phase

 7 – 8 August 2012, Palakkad 

It is indeed our proud privilege to inform you about the  3rd phase of Training of Trainers program for promotion of Jackfruit and Value Added products to be held at Palakkad from 07 to 08  August 2012 with the support of NABARD, State Horticulture Mission, People’s Service Society  and COPS Farm Club, Irumpachola, Kanhirapuzha, Palakkad.

Participants:20 Selected ToT Participants from the earlier phases

Venue : START Animation Centre (People’s Service Society), Paittamkunnu, Dhoni, Near Palakkad Jn. Railway Station, Palakkad  Phone: 0491 – 2558129

Resource Team:Sri. James P. Mathew (M) 9446294239, 04924 – 238347  Rev. Fr. Jacob Mavumkal (M) 9447020395Sri. Antony Mathew (M) 9446271655,

Those interested in the program may let us know the related activities they have under taken after the 1st phase of the training program before 03-08-12 to the JPC office.

If you need more details and application form kindly download the following:
REDP Training, Palakkad invitation Letter and Application Form 
L. Pankajakshan

Director, Santhigram &General Secretary,

Jackfruit Promotion Council

(M) 9287548234 (O) 0471-2269780, 6452511


(A National Platform for the Promotion of Jackfruit for Local food security)

Press Release                                                                                                                                                                                        20.07.2012

Declare Jackfruit Tree ‘National Fruit Tree’

                                                                                                                                                                     – Jackfruit Promotion Council (JPC)
Thiruvananthapuram: The first state level workshop on jack fruit requested the state and central governments to declare Jackfruit tree  ‘National Fruit Tree’, as an effective response to global warming and food security, and also to make legal provisions for the control of felling of jackfruit trees.The workshop jointly organized by Jackfruit Promotion Council (JPC), Santhigram & Mitraniketan with the support of Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment, was inaugurated by K. Viswanathan, Director, Mitraniketan. P.T Mathew, President, Kerala Grama Panchayat Association and Rufus Daniel, Vice President, Thiruvananthapuram District Panchayat were the chief guests. Shree Padre, noted Environmentalist and Editor of Adike Patrike (Kannada farm Journal) and C.D. Suneesh (Ruchi Farmers Network, Wayanad) shared their Sreelankan  experience of Jackfruit and its value added products. Papers were presented by resource persons, including A. Issac Singh (SPIN Network, Tamil Nadu), P.M Dev, V.S Kannan, Dr. J.R. Reghu Ramdas, Dr. Rajani Chandran, A. Ramanakumar,  K.B Madan Mohan, Ajith Venniyoor and G. Palcid (Director, SAHAYI).The workshop evolved an action plan to promote jackfruit and allied products as  vegetable, fruit, and drink. It also emphasized the importance of jackfruit as a cattle feed. Guidelines for Panchayats for using jackfruit for local food security were developed and  presented to the Gram Panchayat Association.Outlines of project by JPC aimed at conservation and propagation of jackfruit tree as well as production and marketing of value added jackfruit products were worked out and an action plan was developed for presenting to the State Planning Board and State Horticulture Mission for support.The workshop emphasized the need for Government permission to manufacture and sell jackfruit products including wine and granting of sales tax exemption. It was also suggested that jackfruit tree and other fruit bearing trees be planted along roadsides and unutilized government lands. The need to recognize jackfruit farmers and innovators in the area of value added products was pointed out. Another important suggestion was that Jackfruit be included in the school and college curriculum. There was unanimity among the participants on the importance of organizing jackfruit festivals from the local level to the national level.L. PankajakshanGeneral Secretary, JPC(M) 9287548234E-mail:; Press release Malayalam 20.7.2012

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