Jack fruit campaign news on Eenadu daily from Hyderabad

Jack fruit campaign news on eenadu daily from Hyderabad

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PDF copy of Adike pathrike October Jack Fruit Special Issue Cover Story

9/28/12 The Hindu : NATIONAL / KARNATAKA :

Jackfruit cultivation is lucrative

Raviprasad Kamila
Two farmers in Bantwal have planted jackfruit saplings on two acres of land
M.N. Shankaranarayana Bhat at his jackfruit farm at Mallya near Punacha in Bantwal taluk.— PHOTO: RAVIPRASAD KAMILA
Jackfruit, mostly considered as wild and not taken up as a crop, has some takers in Dakshina Kannada. Two
agriculturists in Bantwal taluk have now grown it on a large-scale on two acres of land each.
M. N. Shankaranarayana Bhat at Mallya near Punacha planted 200 grafted saplings this June. Venkatakrishna
Sharma at Muliya planted 170 grafted saplings – 85 saplings on half the plot last year and as many saplings this year
in the remaining farm.
Mr. Sharma told The Hindu that another agriculturist Narayana Bhat at Kanyana in the same taluk too has planted
85 saplings one-acre farm in this June.
During a visit to his farm in Mallya, Mr. Bhat told The Hindu that the 200 saplings in his farm land had 64 grafted
varieties. He purchased the saplings from Gururaja Balthilaya at Hiriyadka in Udupi district.
Some of the varieties were southe barikka, sakraya chandra, Basrur bilik bakke – II, red rudrakshi, thoobugere,
anantady, suvarna and the like.
Mr. Bhat said that in addition to 200 saplings planted this year, his 30 acre farm land had more than 150 jackfruit
saplings and trees spread all over (grown) wildly.
Mr. Bhat said he planted 200 saplings from commercial point of view.
Mr. Sharma said that he planted the saplings as he wanted to save different varieties. His 170 saplings had 60
Both the farmers said that the grafted saplings would bear fruit in five years.
Mr. Sharma said that Department of Horticulture this year has proposed to promote jackfruit cultivation in Punacha,
Kepu, Alike, Peruvai and Manila villages in Bantwal taluk.
“According to the government it should be cultivated as an irrigation crop. If a farmer begins irrigating jackfruit
saplings profit is not ensured as it will be expensive,” he said. An Assistant Director of Horticulture here said that the
department has begun a scheme to promote jackfruit cultivation in Vittla cluster from this year.
Both the farmers said that so far they have not received any help from the horticulture department and they planted it
on their own even before the announcement of the scheme.


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